Data Center services that will support your business growth initiatives, while reducing your exposure to increased costs of additional investment in non-essential infrastructure.

It also consists of sharing passive Telecom Infrastructure such as telecommunications towers and equipment shelters in proprietary and secure sites duly equipped to accommodate our customers' electronic assets. Shelters located in major urban centers and in remote locations throughout the country.


  • Space in installations.
  • Remote shelters.
  • Space in Telecommunications Towers.
  • HVAC systems.
  • Disaster Data Recovery Services
  • Stabilized electrical energy with redundant sources.
  • Remote monitoring.

EQUIPMENT PLACEMENT It is a service for hosting equipment (racks or Us) of the Customer or the MSTelcom in Indoor Data Centers including redundant power, climate control, access and intrusion control and fire protection. This product offers a reliable installation location for the customer, being able to acquire connectivity and quality of service, combinable only with products from the MPLS network and aimed at companies.

TOWER SPACE RENTAL It is an outdoor space accommodation service in Altura (tri-sectoral towers) for installing customer antennas. This service includes redundant power supply, access control, intrusion and fire protection. This product is aimed at telecommunications operators who need to extend their infrastructure.

RENTAL SPACE IN SHELTER It is the sale of outdoor space (in m2) in MSTelcom shelters allocated nationwide. In these spaces, the client finds all the necessary infrastructure for the installation of its services, namely; Security, redundant power supply, air conditioning, access and intrusion control, etc.

We design, implement and manage solutions in an integrated, structured way, with services adapted to the needs

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