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In a rapidly evolving technological scenario, innovation is essential to maintain competitiveness and ensure business growth. The rise of Drone technology presents unique opportunities for industries to optimise operations, improve efficiency and make decisions based on credible data.

MSTelcom Industrial Solutions can redefine company operations on a centralized platform for the operation of Drones, with efficiency, security and data accuracy. Drones can navigate dangerous areas, provide accurate data and perform tasks faster, paving the way for a safer and more productive work environment.

Drone Solutions will help companies to unlock the full potential of drone technology, from providing real-time data to ensuring regulatory compliance to improve customers operational capabilities.


  • Increased Security;
  • Precise Data;
  • Efficient Operations;
  • Real-Time Analysis.

MSTelcom is ready to provide comprehensive drone solutions to customers in different sectors, including:

  • Agriculture;
  • Infrastructure and Construction;
  • Energy;
  • Mining;
  • Oil and Gas;
  • National Defence.

These solutions allow us to provide survey, mapping, collection, inspection, monitoring and analysis services for data using Artificial Intelligence. Customers will be able to optimise operations, improve safety standards and achieve cost efficiency.

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