Technology Fueling Operational Excellence Workshop

Technology Fueling Operational Excellence Workshop

As part of strategic partnerships, MSTelcom held a Workshop on the 26th of June under the theme Technology Fueling Operational Excellence.

The event focused on the alliance between MSTelcom and Emerson, with emphasis on Automation Engineering and Industrial Software services for the energy and industrial sector, as well as its benefits for Sonangol and its Business Units.

The event was led by the President of the Executive Committee of MSTelcom, Felisberta de Jesus, the opening speech was given by the Director of Planning and Management Control of Sonangol, Edson Pongolola and was attended by the Administrator of Sonangol, Bernarda Martins, President for the Middle East and Africa Mathias Schinzel, members of the Executive Committees of the Business Units, Corporate Directors, Emerson representatives and distinguished guests.

This partnership will allow the incorporation of automation solutions and technologies necessary to improve the operational efficiency of the Oil and Gas sector.

It is important to highlight that the Workshop had two panels, in the first panel, topics related to the partnership, Capital Projects and operational certainty were addressed, as well as the reduction of carbon emissions from the Oil and Gas Industry. In the second panel, topics on the Smart Solutions and Measurements, Overview of Flow Controls and Digital Transformations and Vision of the Future.

Those present were then taken to an exhibition, where it was possible to see the materials and operation with an expert.

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