Leading and reliable solutions in the country that allow point-to-point interconnection between different customer installations, for data sharing using MSTelcom's IP-MPLS network. Our transmission solutions are designed according to the customer's needs, guaranteeing high service availability with the flexibility and security of your business.


  • Connection at more than two points of the Customer, inside or outside Angola.

  • Design of the network according to each reality.

  • Redundant transmission capability without switching needs (disaster recovery mechanisms).

  • Offer of Quality of Service (QoS), over the IP-MPLS network and prioritization of traffic.

  • Ensuring the integrity of the information.

  • Multiple bandwidth (Satellite).

  • High performance, reliability, scalability and flexibility.

  • Eliminates the need to invest in private networks.

  • Different bandwidths according to the Client's needs.

POINT-TO-POINT MPLS CIRCUIT It is a solution that makes it possible to interconnect two customer locations based on IP technology and is based on the concept known as MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) with guaranteed quality of service and bandwidth from 2 Mbps. ** POINT-TO-POINT TDM CIRCUIT** It is a solution that allows the provision of point-to-point transmission interconnecting two (2) Customer locations over a TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) infrastructure through its various points of presence interconnected by optical fiber throughout the entire Angolan territory with the possibility of international terminations.

MPLS VPN CIRCUIT It is the solution that provides a virtual private network that allows the interconnection of various locations/offices that the customer wants, with Quality of Service and Bandwidth from 2 Mbps through MSTelcom's IP-MPLS network. To have access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), level 3, the customer needs to be connected over a last mile built from the closest points of the MSTelcom network, to the customer's offices, integrating them in a transparent way in the corporate network.

POINT-TO-POINT SATELLITE CIRCUIT It is a dedicated circuit solution that allows connecting two customer points via satellite in Band C, with SCPC technology, and LB (Bandwidth) symmetric/asymmetric up to 1 55Mbps.

POINT-MULTIPOINT SATELLITE CIRCUIT It is a low cost shared circuit solution that allows the interconnection of several customer locations/offices nationwide with TDMA (Multiple Access Time Division) and asymmetric LB (Bandwidth) connectivity via VSAT between each of the remote origins) and the destination delegation of the customer.

We design, implement and manage solutions in an integrated, structured way, with services adapted to the needs

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